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We make it easy to partner with Casa Leo. Read on to learn more about how you could benefit from partnering with us.
Why Partner With Us?
We’re proud to partner with various organizations like breeders, animal shelters, realtors/landlords, and veterinarians. When you’re passionate about a product, it’s only natural to want to tell others about it, and that’s why partnering with us can be so rewarding. You’ll earn commissions for promoting Casa Leo products, discounts and other great perks.
Clean litter is crucial for the health of cats, as is monitoring their weight and daily bathroom habits. As a veterinarian, your clients trust your opinion on various things, including your recommendations for a litter box.
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For new cat parents, a Casa Leo litter box could be the perfect solution, and recommending it to owners who might be willing to spend a little more to get a great product just makes sense.
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Using a Casa Leo self-cleaning litter box could save your staff so much time typically spent scooping. Becoming a partner with us means rewards that can go back to what matters: helping the cats.
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Realtors and Landlords
Pets are a huge part of people’s lives, and pet parents are always looking for the very best ways to take care of them. Recommending our litter box could also have big rewards for you.
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Military Discount
As a thank you to those who serve or have served, we offer a discount on our self-cleaning litter box.
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